Thank you to Kelly Block MP for stopping in at BridgePoint Center for Eating Disorders this morning for a visit and a tour. The timing was fantastic as we were able to personally invite her to join in the activities that National Initiative for Eating Disorders - NIED has planned on the Hill for Eating Disorders Awareness Week February 1-7. Thank you for bringing the Saskatchewan voice on our behalf! 

Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) is such an important time to take the opportunity across Canada to bring awareness to eating disorders.  It is time for family, researchers, organizations, medical professionals, mental health advocates, government, communities and those suffering to come together to bring the seriousness of the illness to the forefront. It's time to debunk the stigma and spread the message that EATING DISORDERS ARE NOT A CHOICE.  

BridgePoint is the provincial champion for Eating Disorders Awareness week for Saskatchewan.   Our first priority was to actually apply to have #EDAW2017 officially proclaimed in the province of Saskatchewan and municipalities around the province.  We are still waiting to hear from the Province of Saskatchewan to hear if they will support the week.  Kudos go out to Saskatoon, Regina, and Estevan as the municipalities that have officially declared eating disorders awareness week!