Virtual and Residential Programs

The role of BridgePoint is to support self-discovery, as well as skill-building, in the transition from letting go of old, harmful life patterns to discovering a variety of new and empowering tools to use when responding to the challenges of life.

BridgePoint operates in partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority as a community-based organization as part of the continuum of healthcare in Saskatchewan.  BridgePoint is not an acute care or medical facility, and as such, participants are required to be medically and psychiatrically stable at the time of application, upon admission, and for the duration of the program.  Our program is not a replacement for medical or acute care. 

 Our biopsychosocial model of care is recovery-based sequential programming... coming to a retreat is the first step! This support is provided in a program with sequential modules that symbolize the process of building a bridge to recovery. Programs are available free of charge for Saskatchewan residents.  Each program includes intensive experiential learning and teaching sessions within a group-based model, individual discussions, and processing of personal experiences. Individuals are encouraged to progress at their own rate toward their personal or optimal level of wellness. We offer both virtual and onsite programs throughout the year.  We can now accommodate up to 8 participants with single rooms. 

 BridgePoint does not offer continuous residential programming. The 2024 program schedule is found here.

Why Choose Us?

For over 25 years, BridgePoint has helped individuals and families heal from disordered eating. Saskatchewan residents with a valid Saskatchewan Health Card can access programming and support for free of charge as part of the Saskatchewan healthcare continuum.