Our Programs

The role of BridgePoint is to support self-discovery, as well as skill building, in the transition from letting go of old, unhealthy life patterns to discovering a variety of new and healthy choices in how to respond to the challenges of life. This support is provided in a program with three sequential modules that symbolize the process of building a bridge to recovery.

The format of each module includes intensive experiential learning and teaching sessions within a group model, individual discussions and processing of personal issues. Individuals are encouraged to progress at their own rate toward their personal or optimal level of wellness. Self–responsibility is encouraged and supported in all modules. In each step of the programming, participants will stay onsite in community. We can accommodate up to 15 participants at a time. The smaller group number allows for diversity and connection as a group.


Programs are available for free of charge with a valid Saskatchewan health card. Programming is sequential... coming to a retreat is the first step! Participants can self refer for retreat, but will need support of a doctor and counsellor to attend the Module 1 and Module 2.

Please call 306-935-2240 for more information.


Retreat Application    (first step of sequential programming)

Module 1 & Module 2 Applications

Module 3 Application



Why Choose Us?

For over 20 years, BridgePoint has helped individuals and families heal from disordered eating. Saskatchewan residents with a valid Saskatchewan Health Card can access programming and support for free of charge as part of the Saskatchewan healthcare continuum.