Happy Friday! Let's do some MINDFUL EATING activities over the weekend, who doesn't love homework assigned on Friday? Some of you may have heard about following hunger/fullness cues to help you know when you have had enough of your meal. But did you know there is a quicker way to find out? It is simply listening to your taste buds. It is called taste satisfaction/satiety. Sometimes, food can taste great to begin with, but eventually the satisfaction dies down. Food companies works hard at determining the exact ratio of fat, sugar, salt, ensuring the food taste perfect. This way you continue to want more, buy more, and so on. These foods are also known as highly palatable foods. Fortunately for someone struggling to stop eating these highly palatable foods, these foods lose their taste satisfaction quicker than other foods. So, with that being said, the next time you happen to indulge in any sort of a highly palatable food, take some deep breaths, chew it very slowly and be very mindful of the taste sensations in your mouth. Pay attention to all the different flavours. Take the next bite, and be aware whether or not this bite tastes the same as the last. Are you just as satisfied with this bite? Continue to take further bites, chewing very slowly, and determine whether or not you are able to find your taste satiety point. The point in which your taste buds say, "I've had enough". Most importantly, remember to be curious, rather than judgmental. This is all about awareness and not solution ! Happy mindful eating :)