Our Facilities & How to Find Us



How to Find Us


We are located at 744 Saskatchewan Avenue in Milden, Saskatchewan


SASKATOON TO MILDEN -  1.5 hours from Saskatoon.  

Note:  If you are using GPS to get here, you will want to note that it may bring you via gravel roads. If you prefer to stick to highways, you will want to take Hwy 45 or Hwy 219 when leaving Saskatoon to travel here.



REGINA TO MILDEN - is approximately 3 hours



Friends and Family Accomodation Listing

Family and friends participants are responsible for their own accommodation(s).

Please see list (below) of potential, available accommodations. Meals are provided at BridgePoint as part of programming. Anyone wishing to make a donation is encouraged to approach a team member.




Milden Hotel    306-935-2051

Milden Camp Ground-Milden Village office   306-935-2131

Private accommodations available on request - call BridgePoint  306-935-2240


DINSMORE    (15 minute drive)

Dinsmore Hotel (shared washroom)    306-846-2238


OUTLOOK   (½ hour drive)

Bird’s Nest Inn            306-867-8661

Irrigation Centre Motel            306-867-8633

Outlook Motor Hotel                           306-867-8636

Bird Lovers Bed and Breakfast           306-867-9669

Outlook Regional Park-camping           306-867-8846


ROSETOWN  (½ hour drive)

Country Rose Inn – main office                306-882-3093

Rosetown Motel                                        306-882-2212

Travelodge                                         306-882-4200

Alive Sky Lodge-bed and breakfast (south off highway 15)     306-716-2040

Wheatland Regional Park-camping         306-882-4257


Friends and Family Schedule & Guide