Special Program


There is a pilot Module 3 running October 17-22, 2019. With the assistance of our equine partners, Module 3 provides participants a unique experience to explore roadblocks and refocus on their recovery journey. Module 3 is best suited for those who have completed Module 1 and 2, have demonstrated motivation and are actively using their tools. Participants must demonstrate motivation and 


Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Learning Mini-Module for Eating Disorder Recovery


Horses do the work of teaching and healing. Equine-Assisted Learning is a powerful, professional and effective approach, proven to have a positive impact on individuals of all ages. The program will incorporate equine therapy into a BridgePoint-style retreat to begin trauma-informed healing of eating disorder behaviours. The focus of horses teaching and healing is not riding or horsemanship although horse care is sometimes a part of the activities. Equine Assisted Learning is a highly effective, interactive modality involving a certified equine assisted learning coach, multi-disciplinary team, participants and horses. The participants engage in activities with the horses and are given an opportunity to explore and process connected thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Sessions are about self-discovery, relationships and communication. This offers unique opportunities for growth that are often not available through other methods and modalities. The goals of the program are to increase the quality of life by providing enhanced trauma-informed programming and recovery of eating disorder behaviours by providing tools for healing to increase health outcomes and quality of life. Participants will stay onsite at our innovative eating disorder recovery center in Milden, Saskatchewan. All food and accommodation will be provided.


Free of charge for Saskatchewan residents with a valid Saskatchewan Health Card


Program Prerequisites: