What to Expect 


Our team has diverse and integrated strengths, talents and resources to support your needs. Thank you for taking this step in your healing journey.  


The residential nature of the program means that there are always opportunities for reflection, learning and growth.  Exploration and sharing takes place within a group setting during the module.  The experience of living in community is profound as it offers a sense of belonging and inclusion and allows for mutual support.   Struggling with an eating disorder can be a very lonely, painful existence. We understand this. Some of us have been there. 


Arrival Times:


If you arrive prior to this time, you will be able to wait in the front lobby until team is ready.  When you are greeted, you will be asked to change into a medical mask and will go through COVID-19 screening questions and rapid testing. 


If you are getting a ride, please ensure that your ride does not leave until you have been fully admitted into the program. 


*We are currently not testing for COVID-19, however this is reviewed frequently and may be resumed dependant on risk. 



Program Schedule:

Programs run from 9am until 9pm with a full day of group learning, community and personal opportunity time.   


A sample day looks like this: 



Dining and Kitchen Info:


What to Expect in the Kitchen during COVID19:


Past participants will know that BridgePoint has had community kitchen duties and community meals as part of our program. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 precautions, some changes need to be made to make our community safe. With these changes, the kitchen and meal process will be different and we will do everything we can to ensure a community environment around mealtime remains. Some guidelines we will be following when returning to BridgePoint:


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